You know attachment styles are at play when…

  • Intellectually you know they’re not good for you, but you keep going back (or can’t leave)
  • Intellectually you want a relationship, but you find a very compelling reason to leave (or they’re not good enough) each time
  • They tell you they love you, are reassuring you, and saying and doing all the right things, but you still don’t believe it
  • They say and do all the right things, but you still think they’re trying to manipulate you or have ulterior motives
  • Intellectually you know it’s not your fault or responsibility, but you still can’t release the feeling of guilt or shame over something happening in the relationship
  • You know it wasn’t about you when they couldn’t be with you, and know they they don’t even meet the criteria for what you want in a partner, but you still fantasize about them
  • It couldn’t work in the past, but you still think they’re the one and you won’t find someone as good

It’s important to remember that attachment styles are fluid and you can work to build a secure attachment and relationship.

Further, becoming aware of your patterns and those of your partner can help you navigate differences with more ease and connection, and communicate with more grace.

If you want help in building a secure attachment, this is what I help my clients with.

I’ve experienced this transformation first hand, and seen the difference it makes on what and who I’ve attracted after doing this work. Now I’m paying it forward and helping my clients do the same.

If you are growth-oriented and want to learn more about yourself — your conscious and unconscious patterns — and how you can connect with a partner in a more aligned and harmonious way, sign up for a consult call and let’s start coaching today!