After solidifying my career as a consultant in NYC, I realized that I felt like I had it all: a great job, friends, family, health, hobbies, nice vacations. Everything except for a partner to share my great life with. After a couple long-term relationships in my early twenties, I found myself single for seven years, having pseudo-relationship after pseudo relationship with unavailable partners. So I started to look inside of myself to see what I might be doing in order to attract this. 

I worked with various love, dating and relationship experts and I was able to uncover blocks that were getting in my way as well as learn invaluable skills that I believe everyone should know for building a solid foundation with a partner. Today I find myself in a deeply committed and loving relationship with a man who fully sees me, shares my values, treats me like a queen, and supports me in my dreams while making me laugh along the way.

After years of studying the research and science behind dating, love, intimacy, sex, relationships, energy and mindfulness, and learning from the best experts in the field, I gathered the tools that actually work and want to pay that knowledge forward so that more people can experience the love life of their dreams!

Pain Points

My clients are successful in most areas of their life. They have a good career, great friends,  a full and activelife. And yet their love life is the one area that does not match the rest. The part that leaves their friends and family and even themselves baffled. They act confidently, secure, and as their fun, authentic selves in every area of their life, but with romantic relationships, they struggle to show up in the same way.

They also tend to be growth-oriented. They do the work. They read the books, listen to the podcasts, go to therapy, practice mindfulness. Everything they can do to bridge this gap. But what I’ve found is that it doesn’t work for them to do the work alone for three reasons:

First, it’s usually the unconscious patterns and blindspots that are causing you to act in ways that aren’t serving you in your love life and attract what you don’t want (whether it be attachment styles, limiting beliefs, learned functioning and coping mechanisms from our childhood or past romantic relationships, and more). I help uncover all the different blocks that are getting in your way. Second, in order to create meaningful, long lasting change, you need to get to the “why”. I have a process to discover why you adopted these coping mechanisms, habits and behaviors, so that you can heal them from the root. 

And lastly, I use science-backed tools to not only transform these habits, inner wounds, or energy into a new pattern or energy, but do it in a way where it creates a new default. Because intellectually you can know to stop doing one thing and start doing another, but when the stakes are high and you really like (or love) the person, or you’re under stress and getting activated, you will just default back to your old patterns every time. (Those “Ugh, I did that thing again” moments that we are all guilty of). It’s stored in our body. So I use somatic bodywork in order to actually heal those old patterns and install new ones that better serve what you want to attract and experience in your love life.

How my programs work

This program is an open, inclusive, and a safe space where my clients can be all of themselves. In this program we talk about the raw, sometimes hard-to-hear, messy truth about what is really going on that is holding you back from getting the relationship you want.

My clients show up ready and committed to do the hard work to create meaningful change and results. They invest in themselves because they know they are worth it. They do the growth work for themselves, for their future partner, and for their future generations.

They uncover unconscious blocks and default behaviors, and learn how to attract a partner who fully sees them for everything that they are, while instilling healthy practices that allow them to experience more intimacy, connection, meaning and fulfillment.

The 12-week dating or relationship coaching programs consists of:

  • Weekly one-hour private coaching calls 
  • Access to modules to deepen our work together
  • One energy assessment to uncover what energy you are broadcasting out into the universe that may be attracting what you don’t want in your love life or repelling what you do, and
  • Access to texting, emails or voice notes in between sessions for realtime support 

Let’s start coaching and get you into the love life of your dreams as soon as possible!

What you get

I help my clients uncover whatever is blocking them from finding love or experiencing connection with a partner in a harmonious way, whether it be helping them create a secure attachment style, doing inner child work to heal triggers and activations, uncovering the energy they are broadcasting out into the world (which may be attracting what they don’t want or repelling what they do), or uncover any other conscious or unconscious patterns, cycles, or behaviors from childhood, past romantic relationships, or otherwise, that are still playing out in the their current romantic connections.

With attachment styles or unconscious patterns, I not only give people tools to be aware of their patterns and how to tackle them real-time, but we uncover what is triggering or activating them into their avoidant or anxious cycles (or unconscious behaviors), so we can heal it from the root. 

If for example, you’re in an anxious-avoidant cycle with your partner and you are both activated trying to communicate, it’s like ships passing in the night. You cannot connect effectively when coming from that activated place. And you know you’re in your insecure patterns because one second later you snap out of it and realize you did that thing you tend to do, or went to that place you tend to go, again. I give you the tools to come back online as your authentic, adult self, in those moments, in order to be able to connect and communicate effectively. And not only that, but we heal the underlying wound so that you actually get activated less and less frequently, and with less intensity over time, until healed.

Once we heal and shift any patterns that aren’t serving you, I will help you gain that clarity to navigate dating (or a relationship) confidently. You will learn how to choose potential partners using criteria shown to illicit compatibility for the long-haul, by determining your values, deal breakers and non-negotiables, versus solely relying on chemistry or attraction to drive your connection. 

You’ll get clear on guidelines for dating so you’re able to show up clear-headed, open, and authentic, in order to attract your authentic match. You’ll know when to give partners a second chance and when to cut your losses and not spend time on partners that are clearly showing you they’re not right for you. And you’ll define what you want, need, and what boundaries you want to exercise, so that you can honor yourself and your vision for what you want out of your ideal partnership. 

Lastly, you’ll learn tools to best connect and communicate with a partner in a way that it lands and promotes intimacy and connection (versus deteriorates it) so that you can build a solid foundation with your partner where you both feel seen, understood, loved and supported, and can thrive in and deepen your bond together.

And because how we do one thing is how we do everything, the work we do has a positive ripple effect in every area of your life, whether it be your career, friendships, relationship with family, and more.


I do not offer one-off sessions at this time. Three months is around the time I see my clients having significant shifts from the work we do together and in who they are being. It gives us the time to uncover what’s getting in their way, heal or course correct, give them the tools to be able to navigate dating or their relationship successfully and establish a healthy foundation with a partner. I don’t construct my program to create lifelong clients. I want to give my clients all the tools to solve this problem once and for all and be able to use these tools in their life indefinitely!
I do not offer couples coaching sessions at this time, although I may in the future.
We all have a life. Things come up! We can absolutely plan our sessions around work, weeks where you might be out of town, or reschedule sessions when things come up. All that I ask is that you let me know as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements. And no, skipping a week or two won’t get in the way of us doing the work!
There is never a perfect time to invest in something like this. Just the time you decide you want more for yourself and you realize you deserve giving it to yourself. That you deserve investing in yourself and your happiness. That you’re finally sick of not having this figured out.

When we really want something that’s important to us, that’s when our brain starts to give us all the reasons why not to do it because it doesn’t like change. It wants to keep us in our comfort zone. Brains resist change, discomfort and uncertainty. It wants to keep us safe and stay in the comfortable status quo. It tries to protect us from things that we can possibly fail at. It’s just our brain being a brain. So it will tell you that it’s not the right time to do this, it’s not the right time to spend this kind of money, or you can do it alone. 

But the reality is that we tend to invest significant amounts of money in things like gyms, vacations, other people’s weddings even, and hesitate to invest money in the thing that so many of us really want: love and connection. And let’s face it, if you could do it alone, you would have already. Or if you can, maybe you want to do it faster. There was something in you that was drawn to me and thought maybe I could be that help that you’re looking for. That was your intuition. You can be scared and take the leap anyway for something you know is worth it. I’m sure you’ve done scary things in the past in other areas of your life and looked back to realize that it was worth it. You get to choose your hard: the hard of suffering in this loop, or of ripping the bandaid and finally figuring this out once and for all. 

When you’re a 10 out of 10 committed to solving a problem and are willing to do the thing that you would do if you were a 10/10 committed, that’s typically when it gets solved. You deserve to put this problem behind you and experience the relationship you know you deserve. 

Don’t suffer through the same problem year-over-year like I did. It’s not worth it! And there’s a simpler way. Because at the end of the day you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. To get different results you need a different strategy. 

So I will ask you, what would be the impact for you if you finally got the love life of your dreams? And what will it cost you if you keep experiencing these same patterns and cycles over and over again, for months, or even years? 

If you’re ready to do the work to finally figure this out, I can’t wait to help you. Let’s start coaching and get you into the relationship of your dreams!

Most Authentic You Dating Program

Pay in full $3300
Pay in three monthly installments of $1150

Most Authentic You Relationship Program

Pay in full $3300
Pay in three monthly installments of $1150