Boundaries are a way to show others how to love us better.

Setting boundaries during the initial dating phase is another way to learn about potential partners. 

A partner should respect your wants and needs in a relationship (and vice versa). If they don’t respect them today, they won’t respect them tomorrow. 

This is a great way to see how interested they are in learning who you are, deep down as a person. 

To prove that they are worthy of you choosing them as a partner. You’re a catch. And not just anybody deserves you. 

Boundaries help you weed out unsuitable partners, showcase high quality ones, and allow you to get everything you’ve ever wanted in your love life. 

Do you struggle to put in place boundaries? Especially when it comes to physical intimacy?

I find that for my clients who do, when they get to the place where they are ready to put those boundaries in place… they struggle to know what to say.

If this is you too, see below for a few examples you can use or take from for when the time comes.

And if you want help with your boundaries, putting together the right words to say, or discovering if you actions are aligned with your intentions and what you want to attract in your dating life, I got you.

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Guys love a woman who is confident and says what they want (and don’t want) with ease in a light, concise, and direct manner. 

They want to know the rules so that they can win. 

They want a challenge because they value what they earn.

When you nail this, you’ll have great men attracted to you, each one even better than the last.

That’s what happened to me when I learned this and I want to share it with you too.

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You’re worthy of it.

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Boundary examples

Them: Let’s go away for the weekend

You: “I’d love that and if everything goes the way it’s going I see that in our not so distant future, but it’s a bit too soon for me.  Can we plan something for next month and maybe visit that place you were telling me by the lake?

Them: Hey we’re close to your place. Show me your apartment!

You: I definitely want to show you one day however I have this thing about not having dates over until I’m in a committed relationship. I hope you can understand.

Them: I’d like to be exclusive

You: If you are everything you appear to be, I’m all in, and I believe we’re on that path. With that said, I’d like some more time before we made that kind of decision.

Them: Make a move past what you’re comfortable with 

You: Trust me, I’ve been curious about how we are in that area too! With that said, I’d like to save that for commitment. I’d love to keep hanging out and getting to know each other.

And if something more substantial is needed to slow down the relationship:

I’m really looking for something meaningful and I’ve been realizing more and more that if I want to get there fast, I have to take it slow. I like you and think there could be something real here, so I’d love to slow it down in order to do it right and give ourselves a fair shot. I have no doubt we will get there if things keep going like this, but I’d appreciate it if we could slow it down for a bit first.

And if you want, you can add: I’d like to save that for when we’re ready to commit to each other.

If he’s your guy, he’ll want to do anything and everything to make you comfortable!

And remember, you can’t say or do the wrong thing with the right guy!