When you heal and grow as an individual, you have less capacity for, patience for, tolerance, or simply attraction to people who exhibit these characteristics in the dating world:

•Who withdraw
•Who are hot and cold or inconsistent
•Who are indecisive
•Who routinely see the negative or make assumptions without being curious and having a conversation
•Who are critical and blame others for their issues
•Who constantly need reassurance past an amount that is reasonable
•Who is mistrusting
•Who isn’t confident enough to ask for what they want, need or exercise boundaries and standards for themselves (and it leaks onto the relationship as inauthenticity, people pleasing or resentments)
•Who can’t talk about the future; Who are overly preoccupied with the future
•Who want to commit too quickly; who can’t commit
•Who can’t or are uncomfortable sharing their feelings or holding space for yours
•Who see misunderstandings as an affront versus being curious and an opportunity to bring them closer and better understand how someone wants to be loved
•Who are codependent and overly aware or preoccupied with the other or the relationship and lose themselves
•Who can’t depend on others or be depended on, and views people who have needs negatively
•Who looks down on their partner; who puts their partner on a pedestal
•Who has low self as esteem and it comes out as needing approval; who has low self-esteem and it comes out as being overly self-reliant, unable to be vulnerable or uses humor, wit, or other ways of masking it, views themselves as better than others and assumes negative stories or ill motives of others
•Who struggles to share in any type of emotional, physical or other types of intimacy; who relies on purely on physical intimacy for connection
•Who expresses constant judgements and assumptions versus being curious

If you are growth-oriented and want to learn more about yourself — your conscious and unconscious patterns — and how you can attract more emotionally-evolved partners, I can help you.

This is exactly what I help my clients with, using a methodical step-by-step process to get you where you want to be.

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