Pay attention to how a potential partner shows up in between dates. It’s important! 

If they are super engaged on dates but in between there is a disconnect and they don’t engage (don’t text, call, etc.), that’s a red/pink flag.

Or if there’s a notable drop in level of engagement, that’s also a flag.

If they appear super interested to get to know you, and appear to genuinely care about how you are doing on the date, but don’t engage in any questions about you in between those dates, that should raise some concerns.

If they do text but don’t respond for long periods of time and it becomes a pattern, that’s a flag.

If they go silent after dates for long stretches of time but then always pop up out of nowhere just in time to ask you out again, that’s a flag.

If they are engaging, but super vague, noncommittal, and skirt around making plans, or only want to commit to making plans last minute, that’s definitely a flag. 

Or, communication might just not be one of their strengths. Maybe texting isn’t their favorite and they don’t want to scare you off by calling right away. 

Maybe they just don’t know better. Maybe they like texting but you two have different expectations on frequency. Can they grow in this area? Have you asked them about it? 

Knowing the difference between an area for growth and a red flag is key! Gather information so you can suss it out.

And trust yourself: if it feels off and disconnected from how they are on dates, it probably is! 

If you want all the tools to be able to discern when to give someone a chance and when to cut them off so that you don’t waste time on the wrong partners, let’s coach together. 

I’ll give ALL the guidelines in order to clearly and confidently date in a way to be sure to find your ideal match – the person who is not only compatible but has the criteria to make the relationship last for the long-haul.

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