In this training you will learn…

01. The five development phases men go through in their lifetime
02. What drives them, what they are compelled to do, and what you can expect during each
03. How it impacts your love life and what they can (or cannot) commit to or provide during each phase, whether they are dating, in a relationship, in a marriage, have kids or don’t have kids.
04. What to do, what not to do, and how to best communicate with men and bring out the best in them during each of these phases

This is an untapped knowledge base that I wish I had when I was dating in my twenties! I now understand past partners much better than I did back then and realize why things didn’t work out!

I would have taken things less personally had I known what they were going through, and now that I know, it makes my relationships with men so much easier and more enjoyable! It makes my current bond with my partner stronger and I can connect and communicate with him on a deeper level.

“Whether you’re single, dating, in a relationship, married, have kids or don’t, you will learn something new that will change the way you relate to the opposite sex!”

This training is for you if you’ve ever wondered about or observed things like…

  • Does he say he’s not ready to commit to the next stage of your relationship (exclusivity, moving in, engagement, marriage, kids) and you don’t know why?
  • Is he only interested in having fun and hanging out with the guys?
  • Did he care about date nights and having fun before, but now he only cares about work?
  • Was he all about work and now all of a sudden he’s picked up his head and started enjoying the finer things in life? Maybe he’s made a big purchase or started making plans in other areas of his life?
  • Is he going through a period where he seems stuck, questions everything, and you don’t know what’s gotten into him but all he wants to do is be alone with his own thoughts?
  • Is he ready for everything except kids and you have no idea what will get him there?
  • Has he gotten to a place where he’s providing more than usual and is very generous with his time?
  • Have you noticed he’s gotten more stubborn than usual and won’t budge on what he is or isn’t willing to do?

I recently shared this body of work with a girlfriend, and she said “everyone needs to know this! Even moms!” My partner even shared it with all his guy friends too! So here I am, sharing it with the world!