If you are growth-oriented and want to learn more about yourself — your conscious and unconscious patterns — and how you can connect with a partner in a more aligned and harmonious way, I can help you

The Most Authentic You Dating and Relationship Course and Group Coaching Program

Do you experience any of the following?

  • You live a full and abundant life yet your love life doesn’t match that. It’s the one area of your life leaving you, your friends, and family wondering “Why?” 
  • You act as your confident, secure, fun, authentic self in most aspects of life, but with romantic relationships, you struggle to show up in the same way
  • You’re growth-oriented – you read the books, listen to the podcasts, go to therapy, and invest in yourself – yet still struggling to figure your love life out
  • When you’re really into someone and the stakes are high, you find yourself getting activated and defaulting into patterns that you’re frankly tired of. Those “Ugh, I did that thing again” moments. You’re finally ready to heal these patterns 
  • You find yourself realizing that partners aren’t good for you way too late and want tools to be more discerning
  • You aren’t attracting the person that you want. Or you attract great people, but they don’t stick
  • You find yourself attracting emotionally unavailable partners, avoidant partners, or anxious partners and want to uncover why and how to change it
  • You want to build a secure attachment style and partnership
  • You find yourself settling, betraying yourself and your standards, or putting up with relationships that leave you with your needs unmet and wanting more
  • You want to learn how not to lose yourself in relationships
  • You want tools to experience a love life with ease and less suffering
  • You want to attract a masculine partner who courts you. Or a feminine, soft, warm and nurturing partner. And you’re wondering where they all are
  • You’re sick of unhealthy communication patterns
  • Your relationships feel like a roller coaster ride, experiencing push-pull dynamics or chaotic ups and downs that leave you exhausted
  • You want to be able to connect and communicate with a partner in ways that you can both feel seen, understood and celebrated, so you can spend more time on your connection, and less time in conflict and disconnection
  • You don’t understand why relationships are so hard for you. You feel like there might be something you’re missing. And since you seem to be the common denominator in all your experiences, you’re willing to look inside of you to see what you can learn and start applying differently

How my programs work

This program is an open, inclusive, safe space where my clients can be all of themselves. In this program we talk about the raw, sometimes hard-to-hear, messy truth about what is really going on that is holding you back from getting the relationship you want.

My clients show up ready and committed to do the hard work to create meaningful change and results. They invest in themselves because they know they are worth it. They do the growth work for themselves, for their (future) partner, and for their future generations.

They uncover unconscious blocks and default behaviors, and learn how to attract a partner who fully sees them for everything that they are, while instilling healthy practices that allow them to experience more intimacy, connection, meaning and fulfillment.

What you’ll get

  • Uncover what’s keeping you from finding love, heal blocks and patterns that aren’t serving you, and build healthy behaviors for dating or relationships so you can attract who and what you want
  • Uncover your attachment style and how to build a secure attachment
  • Discover inner child work to help heal attachment and activations
  • Uncover the energy you’re broadcasting out into the world (which may be attracting what you don’t want or repelling what you do)
  • Learn mindset work to experience your relationships with ease and avoid negative stories and spirals that negatively impact your life
  • Learn to choose partners based on criteria that make you compatible for the long-haul versus solely relying on chemistry or attraction
  • Gain clarity to navigate dating so you show up confident, clear-headed, open, and authentic in order to attract an authentic match
  • Know when to give people a second chance and when to cut your losses so you don’t spend time on the wrong people
  • Define your wants, needs, and boundaries, so that you can honor yourself and your vision for your ideal love life
  • Learn tools to communicate with a partner in a way that it lands and promotes intimacy and connection (versus deteriorates it) so that you can build a solid foundation where you both feel seen, understood, and supported – and you can deepen your love together
  • And because how we do one thing is how we do everything, our work has a ripple effect in your career, friendships, family, and more

How does it work, specifically?

The course is broken out into the following modules which contain videos, guides and worksheets for you to go through:

Modules 1-5


  • Uncovering limiting beliefs
  • Learning mindset work and how your thoughts impact your love life
  • Discovering dating ruts, cycles and coping patterns
  • Exploring feminine and masculine energy

  • Uncovering the energy you broadcast that impacts who and what you attract or repel

  • Exploring attachment styles

  • Learning inner child work and how it can help heal your triggers and activations

Module 6

Letting go and calling in the new

  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Visioning
Modules 7-9


  • Determining the values you want to share with a partner

  • Defining your non-negotiables

  • Questions to consider in knowing if they are a match

  • Defining your boundaries, needs and wants

  • Instilling the daily practices that will support your success

  • Exploring your beliefs about dating and relationships and how it impacts your results

  • Navigating how to trust yourself and others

Modules 10-11


  • Top 10 dating advice (the common topics I run into with my clients)

  • Tips for dating profiles

  • Tips for dating apps

  • How to become rejection proof

  • Dating scripts and FAQs (What do I say when…? And what do I do when…?)

Module 12


  • Communication tools (what to do and what not to do…)

  • Other tips for connection

  • Exploring the power of empathy

  • The basic human needs

  • The development phases of men and how it may be impacting your love life

Bonus modules

Other resources included in the course include journal prompts, questions to discover your purpose, feelings work, tools to tap into your intuition, and more.

Hi, I’m Victoria

After solidifying my career as a consultant in NYC, I realized that I felt like I had it all: a great job, friends, family, health, hobbies, nice vacations. Everything except for a partner to share my great life with. After a couple long-term relationships in my early twenties, I found myself single for seven years, having pseudo-relationship after pseudo-relationship with unavailable partners. So I started to look inside of myself to see what I might be doing in order to attract this.

I worked with various dating and relationship experts and was able to uncover blocks that were getting in my way, as well as learn invaluable skills that I believe everyone should know for building a solid foundation with a partner.

After years of studying the research and science behind dating, intimacy, relationships, energy and mindfulness, and learning from the best experts in the field, I gathered the tools that actually work and want to pay that knowledge forward so that more people can experience the love life of their dreams!

What You Get When You Sign Up For Group Coaching

  • The Most Authentic You Dating and Relationship Course

  • Lifetime access including access to new content added

  • 2-Hour weekly group coaching calls for 12 weeks (Calls are on Wednesday at 7pm EST / 4pm PST)

  • Link to all call recordings

  • Community page for written support in between calls

  • Bonus: Two 1-on-1 calls for use during the 12 weeks ($500 Value)


As expected, what you put into the work is what you get out of it. If you are curious and let yourself go there, you will be open to seeing things in a different perspective and discover more about yourself that may be blocking you from attracting what you want, things that you are getting right, and things that you can do differently. If you want different results, you need a different strategy. No matter what you try on your own, you keep doing it from your vantage point, from your beliefs, and from your default patterns and coping mechanisms. This is a chance to explore seeing things in a new way and try different strategies.

I also offer one-on-one coaching which gives you free access to the course. Sign up for a complimentary consult to see if working privately is the best option for you.

There is never a perfect time to invest in something like this. Just the time you decide you want more for yourself and you realize you deserve giving it to yourself. That you deserve investing in yourself and your happiness. That you’re finally sick of not having this figured out.

When we really want something that’s important to us, that’s when our brain starts to give us all the reasons why not to do it because it doesn’t like change. It wants to keep us safe and makes us stay in our comfort zone. It tries to protect us from things that we can possibly fail at. It’s just our brain being a brain. So it will tell you that it’s not the right time to do this, it’s not the right time to spend this kind of money, or you can do it alone. 

But the reality is that we tend to invest significant amounts of money in things like gyms, vacations, other people’s weddings and showers, and hesitate to invest money in the thing that so many of us really want: love and connection. If you could do it alone, you would have already. Or if you can, maybe you want to do it faster because you know how precious time is. There was something in you that was drawn to me and thought maybe I could be that help that you’re looking for. That was your intuition. You can be scared and take the leap anyway. I’m sure you’ve done scary things in the past in other areas of your life and looked back to realize that it was worth it. You get to choose your hard: the hard of suffering in this loop, or of ripping the bandaid and finally figuring this out once and for all. 

When you’re a 10 out of 10 committed to solving a problem and are willing to do anything to figure it out, that’s typically when it gets solved. You deserve to put this problem behind you and experience the relationship you know you deserve. 

Don’t suffer through the same problem year-over-year like I did. It’s not worth it! And there’s a simpler way. Because at the end of the day you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. To get different results you need a different strategy. 

So I will ask you, what would be the impact for you if you finally got the love life of your dreams? And what will it cost you if you keep experiencing these same patterns and cycles over and over again, for months, or even years? 

If you’re ready to do the work to finally figure this out, I can’t wait to help you. Let’s start coaching and get you into the relationship of your dreams!

Most Authentic You Dating and Relationship Group Coaching

This option includes:

  • 2-Hour weekly group calls for 12 weeks (Calls are on Wednesday at 7pm EST / 4pm PST)
  • Link to all call recordings
  • Access to the Group Coaching Community Page for written support in between calls

Also includes for free:

  • Two bonus 1-on-1 calls for use during the 12 weeks ($500 Value)
  • The Most Authentic You Dating and Relationship Course ($795 value)
  • Lifetime access including access to new content added


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Or $667 per Month
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Most Authentic You Dating and Relationship Course

This option includes:

  • The Most Authentic You Dating and Relationship Course 
  • Lifetime access including access to new content added 
  • Other bonus resources on journal prompts, questions to discover your purpose, feelings work, tools to tap into your intuition, and more

This also includes for free:

  • One-year complimentary access to the Membership Community Page for written support ($1,164 value)


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Or $295 per Month
Three Monthly Payments