After spending years studying the research and science behind love, dating, sex, intimacy and relationships, and learning from the best experts in the field, I’ve gathered the tools that work and want to share my knowledge with more women so they can experience the love and life of their dreams.


This program is an open, inclusive, and a safe space where women can be all of themselves. In this program we talk about the raw, sometimes hard-to-hear, messy truth about what is really going on that is holding you back from getting the relationship you want.


My clients show up ready and committed to do the hard work to create meaningful change and results. They invest in themselves because they know they are worth it. They do the growth work for themselves, for their future partner, and for their future generations.

 They uncover unconscious blocks and default behaviors, and learn how to attract a partner who fully sees them for everything that they are, while instilling healthy practices that allow them to experience more intimacy, connection, meaning and fulfillment.


Let’s start today and get you into the love life of your dreams as soon as possible.


Most Authentic You

Dating Program

A three-month dating coaching program to uncover what’s keeping you from finding love and learn how to attract the love life you want.

This program consists of:

  • Weekly private coaching calls,
  • Access to modules with activities in order to deepen your learnings, and 
  • One Attraction Quotient Assessment to uncover your dating energy and how you are attracting your current results into your love life

This program is for you if you are experiencing the following non-exhaustive list of issues:

  • Continue to search and search but just can’t seem to find the right one for you
  • Struggle to get into the commitment phase of a relationship or if you do, it continuously doesn’t work out
  • Attract emotionally-unavailable partners 
  • Stick around in relationships that don’t serve you for way too long
  • Find yourself putting up with or addicted to bad-boy antics
  • Have trust issues 
  • Don’t exercise healthy boundaries
  • Set unrealistic standards or don’t have high enough standards
  • Avoid intimacy and relationships in order to protect your heart
  • Use sex, humor, or other false senses of intimacy in order to experience love and adoration
  • Give off a vibes that repel potential partners (such as self-doubt, neediness, desperation, and more) 
  • Show up in your masculine and therefore repel masculine men
  • Practice other conscious or unconscious self-sabotaging habits or behaviors that drive partners away

Throughout this program, you will uncover:

  • What your most beautiful and true authentic love life looks like for you
  • What is really going on that is keeping you from getting that love
  • Reveal conscious and unconscious patterns and default behaviors that are getting in your way
  • Limiting beliefs or assumptions you have about dating and relationships
  • Dating cycles that you are repeating and how to get you out of them
  • Past events or experiences that you may be replaying in current relationships
  • Walls and barriers you may not know you have in place blocking love and connection out of you life 
  • Energy you are projecting into the world that may be repelling partners
  • Patterns of avoidance, perfectionism, rationalizing, or other defense mechanisms holding you back
  • The level of feminine or masculine energy you bring to the table and how that impacts how your partner shows up
  • How your communication style may be blocking you from getting what you want
  • How your ways to address conflict may be hurting your connection
  • How your values and deal-breakers can impact your “picker”
  • What attracting the types of pmartners you are attracting might reveal about you
  • How to become the person that attracts a high quality partner
  • How to forgive yourself and let go of behaviors done in your past when you didn’t know better 
  • How your ability (or inability) to detect whether your partners words and actions match, get you into relationships that serve (or don’t serve) you
  • How to establish healthy boundaries in order to get to your desired end goal
  • How to detect whether your relationship is progressing in a healthy way
  • Whether your decision to have sexual experiences with your partner is impacting the development of the connection
  • If the actions you are taking today support you getting to where you want to go and how to catapult yourself into moves that will get you there
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls made by women in dating
  • In-person and online and dating do’s and don’ts
  • How to set up a successful dating profile
  • Tips for entering and being in a committed relationship so it can thrive
  • Communication tools and tips to establish a strong foundation with a significant other
  • How to navigate your feelings and tap into your knowing and spirituality in order to show up as your most authentic, true and beautiful self for you and your partner

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Most Authentic You

Relationship Program

A 12-week coaching program where I support women to grow in love and thrive in their relationship.

They work on tools to better connect and communicate with their partner so they can both be seen, heard, understood and supported. They become fluent in navigating their emotions and tapping into their knowing and spirituality in order to show up as their most true and beautiful selves for them, their partners, their family, friends and communities.

The program consists of:

  • Bi-weekly private coaching calls 
  • Access to modules with activities in order to deepen your learnings, and
  • One Attraction Quotient Assessment to uncover your dating energy and how you are attracting your current results into your love life

What results you can expect to get:

  • Get coaching on all of the areas of your life in and outside of dating and relationships 
  • Continue to uncover limiting beliefs you have in life that may be holding you back from getting what you want
  • Continue learnings from the Most Authentic You Dating Program to find a partner and be in a committed relationship, if applicable
  • Learn relationship tips and get advice and coaching in order to thrive and grow in intimacy and connection within your new committed relationship
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and resolve conflict with your partner
  • Continue to uncover learnings regarding the energy in which you show up in the world and uncovering blocks that may be holding you back 
  • Learn techniques to continue to tap into higher consciousness, purpose, meaning and fulfillment in your life
  • Learn the factors that bring out the most authentic you and how to more frequently tap into them
  • Continue to deepen relationships with those around you
  • Learn to tap into other concepts such as awareness, acceptance, forgiveness, and knowing, in order to access more freedom, presence, joy and enlightenment

Join our program and discover your most true and beautiful authentic life.

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After years of just going through the motions with dating, Victoria helped me get crystal clear on my values and what I was looking for in a quality relationship. I learned strategies to identify and overcome my self-imposed barriers and communication techniques to help me find and pursue better matches. My time with Victoria exceeded my expectations, and now I’m actually having fun dating!

- Amanda C.

My life would not be the same without Victoria. She challenged me to be my best. There’s a level of comfort and fun in these interactions that unleashes an incredible energy. She drew a clear path from my present to my future, with the steps on how to get there, and I’m now on this path. I’m pumped for what’s next.

- Q.V.

Victoria is a fantastic coach! She is such an attentive listener and always seems to understand where I was coming from. She was so amazing at reminding me of my past insights and making connections that helped me to really understand my own patterns and beliefs. I left every session having discovered a new insight and felt more motivated than going in. I always looked forward to our conversations because not only did she keep me on track, making sure I was completing the tasks I promised her but was also incredible at celebrating each and every win, making me feel like I was really kicking some butt. All in all, you couldn’t ask for a better coach!

- A.H.