If you’re dating, there are basic, foundational things I tell my clients to look out for in a high-quality partner, before adding in the values that they are uniquely looking for in a relationship and want to share with them.

I call these “non-negotiables” and I’ve included 20 examples of them below.

If you’re currently dating someone, see which they meet and which you still need to collect data and information on, to determine if they do!

20 example non-negotiables

  1. Integrity (their words and actions match)
  2. Safety and security (safe to not only be you but to feel safe physically, mentally and emotionally, from their actions and behaviors, including substance abuse, violence, emotional and mental abuse, controlling behavior, and more)
  3. Respect
  4. Honesty
  5. Trust
  6. Kindness and good intentions
  7. Emotionally availability
  8. Intimacy (physically and emotionally)
  9. Self-awareness
  10. Openness and willingness to grow
  11. Ability to communicate feelings
  12. Empathy
  13. Mutual acknowledgment, validation and support
  14. Honor your needs, wants and boundaries
  15. Ability to communicate, resolve conflict, and compromise
  16. Accountable to themselves, their actions, their part, and can apologize
  17. Dependable
  18. Prioritizes you
  19. Prioritizes the relationship
  20. Willingness to make effort to better the relationship and work on it

And of course, there are more – this is just a start! Feel free to add on to this list as you look for your match!

And if you want help in attracting a partner that not only meets the above list, but is truly the right fit for you and ready to commit, I can help you.

I uncover what’s blocking you from attracting your match so that you can finally have what you want and deserve.

I detect what energy you’re broadcasting out on your dates that might be attracting what you don’t want, or repelling what you do.

And then I’ll teach you how to detect partners that are high quality, and actually want what you want, versus all the signs that they don’t.

If you’re ready to finally attract your person, message to schedule a consult call and let’s start coaching! I can’t wait to help you find your person!