If you want to attract a masculine partner that will lead, plan the dates, pursue and court you, then the energy you are giving off when you’re around them matters.

Think of it this way: the masculine and feminine energy available between two romantic partners typically adds up to 100% in any given moment. Meaning, if you are showing up 60% in your masculine energy, then your date can only show up 40% in theirs. You are taking up the space for them to lean into their masculine and provide for you in the way that you’re seeking them to.

Further, leaning into your masculine energy may give off unintended messages. For example, if you comment on the fact that “you don’t need someone,” trying to emphasize that you are independent and can take care of yourself, you may unintentional send the signal that there is no room for them in your life and they may not see an area where they can contribute and add value. It also might signal that you don’t want their help or aren’t interested in accepting what they bring to the table.

Men need to feel needed, otherwise, they feel like “what’s the point?” and withdraw. Men need to know they can contribute to your life and happiness. They want to know they have a place in your life and like they can win. They want to know they can succeed in providing for you. They want to make you happy.

Leaning into your feminine is a way to bring out the masculinity in your significant other. It gives them the space to show up for you. If a high-quality partner wants to court you but there is no room for them to do so, they will leave and go somewhere where they can.

To practice leaning into your feminine energy, consider the following activities

  1. Whenever someone offers to help, accept it
  2. When someone compliments you, accept it without deflecting or making an excuse why, etc.
  3. When you need help, ask for it (ask for help putting your suitcase up on the plane, reaching for something at the grocery store, etc.)
  4. When in public, smile to strangers, strike up small talk, and practice being warm towards others
  5. Whenever someone in their masculine opens your door, takes you out, or does something thoughtful, express your gratitude and appreciation
  6. When on a date, practice being fun, flirty and playful
  7. When in a relationship, tell them what you admire about them
  8. Visualize who you want to be on a date and how you would like it to go (including being your feminine self and them leaning into their masculine as well)
  9. Dance
  10. Meditate
  11. Practice yoga
  12. Sing
  13. Sway your hips back and forth
  14. Dress in a way that makes you feel feminine and authentically you
  15. Partake in any activity that gets you in your joy, authenticity and fun, silly, playful self

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