There is plenty of content out there nowadays that lists common red flags to look out for in potential partners when dating.

However, in my coaching program, we don’t hold potential partners (or partners) to higher standards than we hold ourselves.

Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of ten personal flags to look out for in yourself when dating.

  1. Letting red flags, inappropriate behavior, or things that are not aligned with you slide and not raising and addressing them
  2. Dating a person that you know has red flags
  3. Expecting people to be different than how they’ve already shown you that they are
  4. Going back to someone or something you know is not good for you
  5. Ignoring your gut instincts
  6. Knowing that something is wrong and denying it at every level
  7. Consistently betraying yourself and your self-worth
  8. Compromising your values
  9. Devaluing or disowning things you care deeply about
  10. Playing small when you know you are meant for more

In what areas do you notice any of these flags in yourself that might be contributing to your dating life and results?

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