Knowing when to commit to a person is something my clients always ask me.

More times than not, I see people committing to relationships before collecting enough data and information to know if they are a good match for them.

Here are some the criteria I urge my clients to look for, before agreeing to exclusivity:

  1. They meet non-negotiables (i.e., the bare minimum qualities expected of a high-quality partner, like trust, commitment, honesty, safety, and more)
  2. They embody the top five values that you want to share with a person and demonstrate it with their actions, consistently
  3. You have the same relationship goals and an explicit understanding and agreement of what you want out of a committed relationship
  4. They are amenable to love you in the way you want to be loved, using your preferred love language(s)
  5. You can communicate constructively, and both choose to lean into growth, connection and understanding when tested
  6. If there are issues, “flags” or discrepancies, they are discussed and addressed
  7. They make you feel good about yourself when you are with them (and even when you aren’t). You can be your authentic self and are celebrated for it
  8. They want you to be your best self and encourage and support you to go after your dreams
  9. They make you a better person. They allow for you to grow and learn more about yourself. They inspire you to stretch yourself and go big. They allow you to learn and discover new things that add good to your life
  10. They want what’s best for you and want you to be happy

If you want help knowing if and when to commit, or how to find partners that meet these criteria with consistency, this is what I help my clients with.

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