Do you struggle to co-exist with family over the holidays? Do interactions with your relatives or others leave you drained?

See below a list of 10 boundary phrases you can use next time you are once again faced with an uncomfortable, unnerving or even hurtful interactions with your loved ones or others in your next holiday gathering:

  1. That’s not my experience
  2. I’d like to talk about something else
  3. I need a break and I’ll be back
  4. I appreciate your intent but this is what I’d like to do
  5. We’ve decided we are coming / going at X time this year as we have other things to attend to as a family and we’re really looking forward to seeing you
  6. I appreciate your concern but this isn’t something I’d like to discuss
  7. I see… Oh… Huh! (Give uninteresting “rock-like” responses to gossip and stories you don’t want to take part in)
  8. I’d rather you not discuss that in front of me
  9. Ouch. (To anything that was offensive, insensitive, or hurtful)
  10. That was hurtful. Do you mind trying that again?

If you are growth-oriented and want to learn more about yourself — your conscious and unconscious patterns — and how you can connect and communicate with your loved ones in a more aligned and harmonious way, I can help you.

I will give you all the communication tools (and common pitfalls that I see my clients experience) so that you and your loved ones can feel heard, seen, and understood.

And where your loved ones don’t have the emotional capacity to see you in the way that you would hope, I also work with you to be in acceptance of that, heal from that, and give yourself the love, validation and reassurance you need in order to navigate those relationships with your energy and sense of self in tact.

And in that way, you then attract relationships in other areas of your life (romantic, friendships and otherwise) which nourish you – with people who can see and understand you in the way that you deserve.

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