Mere minutes after my first session with Victoria, I had already felt transformed. She has helped me tremendously with my confidence, which has had a positive halo on my career and with my other relationships. She has a great talent for pushing you by posing probing and challenging questions, and doing so with so much tact, class, compassion and relatability. She has endless amounts of tools, exercises, research and advice that can help you work through anything.

I constantly replay her sounds bytes in my mind, which help me process a variety of situations. I am so much more clear on what I am looking for in a partner, how to stay true to my values and when might be the right time to reflect or compromise. I highly recommend working with her, no matter what you’re seeking!

- Lauren C.

After years of just going through the motions with dating, Victoria helped me get crystal clear on my values and what I was looking for in a quality relationship. I learned strategies to identify and overcome my self-imposed barriers and communication techniques to help me find and pursue better matches. My time with Victoria exceeded my expectations, and now I’m actually having fun dating!

- Amanda C

As a very practical person and someone who spins around in thoughts all day, Victoria was the perfect coach for me. She knew how to get me out of my thoughts, into my feelings and make decisions on what I truly WANTED to do. I tend to overthink a lot and it makes every single decision seem so much harder. Having Victoria there to show me what my thoughts are, help me come up with conclusions and see myself for who I really am was invaluable. If you deal with imposter syndrome, if you’re always telling yourself “I don’t know” or if you finally need to take that step forward, Victoria is the coach for you. I’m so so glad I was able to have her in my corner during so many tough decisions. She’s an amazing cheerleader and her coaching skills helped me get to the bottom line way faster than I thought possible. Thank you Victoria!!

- A.H.

I worked with Victoria on exploring areas of trust in relationships in and out of the work environment. I love working with her. Given my experiences she really understands what the issues are and is really good at connecting the dots. She has such a great pragmatic approach, and at the same time, always offers a unique perspective that helps move things forward.

- J.B.

Having Victoria as a coach has been one of the best decisions I made as I approached a major career and life change. I felt better organized and equipped to accomplish my goals after our sessions. I would highly recommend everyone to have a life coach that can help them align their actions with their life goals.

- T.O.

Victoria is more than an advisor or coach, she empowers you to be your own advisor. Her ability to listen intently and guide you to self discovery through questions enables clearer decision making. Victoria’s attentive listening enables her to reframe conversations and identify roadblocks you didn’t know you had.  She then teaches you how to identify your roadblocks and provides tools that are quick and easy to integrate into your life to help you move past challenges and achieve your purpose.  I was stuck in bad patterns that Victoria helped me to identify and address that have enabled me to live a more fulfilling life.  I am so grateful to her for her patience, listening and passion to help me and others.

- C.O